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Velonis Cheese Factory

In 1964, the Veloni family started raising their animals on the picturesque island of Cyclades, Naxos. There, Mr. Nektarios Velonis continues the tradition of his father as a 2nd generation producer. Collecting their own cow’s milk and with fodder that comes almost exclusively from their farms, the family creates the traditional Graviera of Naxos.

Graviera of Naxos

Their cheese factory is operating for the second year now, while they have been collaborating with two chain stores the past year. The love for their animals and the passion for fine cheese is what drives them to create this unique result.

The Products of the Dairy

The Graviera of Naxos PDO with its sweet and rich taste is considered one of the best cheeses in Greece! The buttery aromas of the milk meet the subtle notes of nuts and together they make it even more complex and intense.