Premium Greek
Cold Cuts

Traditional Cuts

Traditional and original Cretan apaki from pork meat, marinated with spices and herbs handpicked from the Cretan mountains. After the pork is marinated, it gets smoked with oaks and aromatical herbs in order to bring to our table, the aromas and tastes of Cretan tradition.

Traditional cretan recipe from chicken breast, marinated with unique cretan herbs and smoked with oaks and special herbs. A unique flavour that takes us back in time, to the mountains of Crete.

Intact pork steak of exceptional quality. Discreetly smoked in beech wood but also in fresh thyme, oregano and sage. Rich aroma of smoke in combination with first quality meat, gives us an extraordinary product.

The famous traditional sausage of Karditsa, from 100% greek pork meat. Produced with the authentic recipe that producer inherited from his ancestors. Only pork meat from selected farms is used and leek is produced in the local area. Oregano, a classic herb of our land, is picked by local farmers as well.

Traditional tested recipe of Karditsa’s sausage with 100% greek meat, matches perfectly with the cretan goat cheese made of pure local milk and gives us a product, absolute gift for the palate! Melting of the cheese combined with selected spices will remain unforgettable to you.

Made from 100% beef meat and combined with fresh onion, cumin, garlic, oregano and more, a sausage was created for the lovers of beef meat and healthy diet. It is prepared with the authentic recipe that producer inherited from his ancestors. The analogy between fat and meat is ideal and fine cutting of layers is done in a natural way, preserving all the nutritional ingredients.

It is considered one of the most traditional greek delicacies with a unique production method. Syglino is produced in Monemvasia from 100% selected parts of greek pork, that after it’s been cut in big pieces and marinated with herbs (cinammon, cloves, oregano, spice, peppers, garlic and coarsely chopped onions), it gradually matures.

One of the well-known and beloved greek products, is Lefkada’s salami, with its agelong traditional recipe. The production process of the original air dried salami of Lefkada is an art that only a few know and apply. Together with high quality ingredients the island’s climate produce a unique product from 100% greek meat, which is exclusively grown in Lefkada.

The traditional tried and tested recipe of the Karditsa sausage, made with 100% Greek meat, combines perfectly with the Graviera Stiakakis from fresh Cretan milk, giving a product, a gift to the palate.

Premium Cuts

A strong taste juicy product, that combines the pure taste of calf with the tention of herbs topping. Meat parts are marinated in brime, drained, and covered by whole grains of spice, and then smoked and cooked in steam. For a better experience, pastrami must be cut in very thin slices

Selected parts of turkey’s breast, cleaned from fat and covered up in spices. The tasty meaty flavour from a whole breast combined with spicy aromas of pepper, coriander and ethereal fennel, fill up the palate!

Smoked pork thigh with four peppers is a classic delight, famous among cold cuts lovers. Selected pieces of pork thigh, cleaned from fat and mixed with four selected varieties of pepper. Slow cooking helps peppers to spread their aroma in the heart of the product. Thin slices help its juicy flavour to show and point out its meaty texture and the beautiful burn of aromatical peppers.

The best part of the pork. Marinated with special spices and high quality oregano from Karditsa. Cooked and slowly smoked with beech wood and herbs from Agrafa. Tenderloin is the softest and lighter part of the pork. Always without bone, small in size, with delicate flavour. Rich in spice aroma and smoke notes without fat and exceptional in taste, steals the show on a cold cuts plateau.

Tasty and tender, smoked and cooked turkey. Seductive aroma with rich and juicy flavour. An exceptional delight for lovers of white meat who are careful about their diet, due to its low content in fat. It is produced from intact fillet slow cooked with natural beech wood and greek spices, through traditional processing

Thigh from exceptional beef, cooked in the oven. From intact selected thigh parts, smoked in beech wood with the addition of aromatic truffle. Fatless beef meat’s intense flavour matches with the aromatic truffle, leading to a pleasure of new heights.

Sheep thigh from 100% meat from selected Greek sheep tribes Agnus Greco. Primary role in the great taste and quality of greek sheeps, plays the vast variety of spices and herbs in our greek countryside, mountains and islands. Combining traditional italian techniques of prosciutto with unique sheep meat, a new innovative product was created with special aroma and exceptional taste.

Boiled ham from intact part of pork meat, strictly picked from the best breeds of the market. Special parts of tender greek meat of our production smoked in natural beech wood, framed with fresh aromatical herbs and spices, create a product of great gastronomical pleasure.