Our Local

Our Cold Cut Producers


Hasikou Brothers continue a rich heritage, gaining experience since 1956 when they established the first organized pork meat production unit, they created a new production line in 2006 for traditional Cretan smoked products in Rethymno.


Everything started with grandfather Moulkioti, a proud breeder, reaching today the third generation, in which Panagiotis Moulkiotis revives family tradition in Mandra, Attica since 1922. Authentic cold cuts of Moulkioti family are produced from selected meat parts of young animals.


Since the beginning of 90s, Tsianava family is active in traditional cold cuts production and country sausages, in the area of Karditsa. Tsianavas Boutchers constantly invests in modern facilities as well as in human resources.


The traditional way of smoking meat, is at the core of the production procedure of the famous Andromidas smoked cold cuts. All products are handmade, naturally smoked with olive wood that gives them a gentle sense of smoke and they are strictly produced with pork meat from Lakonia.


Malakasis Boutchers, produces salami and sausages of Lefkada, since 1952. From its foundation till today, they exclusively produce those two products because their production requires special knowledge, time, specific facilities, and specialisation in order to accomplish the proper taste and aroma, dating back to 17th century.

The Producers of our cheese companies


The journey of the Arvaniti Dairy dates back in 1980 and is filled with success both in Greece and abroad.This success has earned them a place amongst the most competitive dairy businesses worldwide. The quality of their products has been hailed by the World Championship Cheese Contest that awarded them with its Gold Prize.


The story of the traditional brine cheese “Asi Gonia” begins in 1949 when the father Stavros Plimakis, father of Sifis, cheese-fed his sheep milk in the mountains of Asi Gonia, a livestock village of the White Mountains on the border of Chania and Rethymno.