Syglino Manis in Slices


Andromidas Meat Products

The traditional way of smoking meat, is at the core of the production procedure of the famous Andromidas smoked cold cuts. All products are handmade, naturally smoked with olive wood that gives them a gentle sense of smoke and they are strictly produced with pork meat from Lakonia.

Syglino Manis in Slices
Syglino with orange

After years of experience and always following grandpa Nikos’ motto “special products for special people”, company continues to create products that meet the nutritional needs of all those who want to eat quality food from selected raw materials.

The Products of the Meat Factory

It is considered one of the most traditional greek delicacies with a unique production method. Syglino is produced in Monemvasia from 100% selected parts of greek pork, that after it’s been cut in big pieces and marinated with herbs (cinammon, cloves, oregano, spice, peppers, garlic and coarsely chopped onions), it gradually matures.