Apaki Chicken in Slices


Hasikos Meat Products

Hasikou Brothers continue a rich heritage, gaining experience since 1956 when they established the first organized pork meat production unit, they created a new production line in 2006 for traditional Cretan smoked products in Rethymno.

Hasikos Meat Products

People of Anogia, due to the need to preserve the extra meat they had in large quantities and assisted by the wealthy flora of Crete, they created little wonders of taste in a unique way.

The Products of the Meat Factory

Traditional and original Cretan apaki from pork meat, marinated with spices and herbs handpicked from the Cretan mountains. After the pork is marinated, it gets smoked with oaks and aromatical herbs in order to bring to our table, the aromas and tastes of Cretan tradition.

Traditional cretan recipe from chicken breast, marinated with unique cretan herbs and smoked with oaks and special herbs. A unique flavour that takes us back in time, to the mountains of Crete.