Ham with Black Chocolate


Moulkiotis Cure Meats

Everything started with grandfather Moulkioti, a proud breeder, reaching today the third generation, in which Panagiotis Moulkiotis revives family tradition in Mandra, Attica since 1922. Authentic cold cuts of Moulkioti family are produced from selected meat parts of young animals.

Moulkiotis Cure Meats

The freshly ground spices and herbs along with the natural smoking of the beech wood, create a unique result that can satisfy even the most demanding tasters.

The fourth generation that possesses the knowledge of the Moulkiotis family traditional recipes, guarantees the premium quality of the cold cuts, and is committed to keeping their taste unchanged no matter how many years pass.

The Products of the Meat Factory

Thigh from exceptional beef, cooked in the oven. From intact selected thigh parts, smoked in beech wood with the addition of aromatic truffle. Fatless beef meat’s intense flavour matches with the aromatic truffle, leading to a pleasure of new heights.

Sheep thigh from 100% meat from selected Greek sheep tribes Agnus Greco. Primary role in the great taste and quality of greek sheeps, plays the vast variety of spices and herbs in our greek countryside, mountains and islands. Combining traditional italian techniques of prosciutto with unique sheep meat, a new innovative product was created with special aroma and exceptional taste.

Boiled ham from intact part of pork meat, strictly picked from the best breeds of the market. Special parts of tender greek meat of our production smoked in natural beech wood, framed with fresh aromatical herbs and spices, create a product of great gastronomical pleasure.