Original Salami of Lefkada


Iov Malakasis Meat Products

Malakasis Boutchers, produces salami and sausages of Lefkada, since 1952. From its foundation till today, they exclusively produce those two products because their production requires special knowledge, time, specific facilities, and specialisation in order to accomplish the proper taste and aroma, dating back to 17th century.

Malakasis Meat Factory

It is said that, in Lefkada, during the Venetian occupation, connoisseurs of this particular product’s production arrived on the island, on a fee basis, in order to teach their art to the local people. ​

The Products of the Meat Factory

One of the well-known and beloved greek products, is Lefkada’s salami, with its agelong traditional recipe. The production process of the original salami of Lefkada is an art that only a few know and apply. Together with high quality ingredients the island’s climate produce a unique product from 100% greek meat, which is exclusively grown in Lefkada.